Geico offers military members exclusive discounts on insurance premiums


Military personnel are constantly at risk of losing their lives in the line of duty. This makes it difficult for them to think about financial security when they are fighting to defend their country. Thankfully, companies like Geico understand this struggle and offer exclusive discounts on insurance premiums for military members. In this article, we will discuss why Geico’s military discount is an attractive option for those serving in the armed forces.

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Why Geico offers exclusive discounts for military personnel?

Geico is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States, and it is known for providing affordable insurance coverage to all its customers. However, the company has a special place in its heart for military members. Geico believes that service members face unique challenges, and they deserve to be recognized for their sacrifice and commitment to America. That’s why Geico offers special discounts to military personnel, so that they can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have affordable insurance coverage.

What types of military discounts does Geico offer?

Geico offers a variety of discounts to military members, including:

1. Emergency Deployment Discount:

If you are a member of the military who is currently deployed overseas or about to be deployed, Geico offers discounts on car insurance premiums. This is especially important because families who have a loved one serving in the military may struggle to make ends meet without the extra income. This discount can help military families save money and stretch their limited resources.

2. Membership and Employee Discount:

If you are a current or former member of any branch of the military, Geico offers a membership discount on car insurance premiums. This discount also applies to any military employee, including those who work for the Department of Defense or the federal government.

3. Federal Employee Discount:

Under this discount, Geico offers insurance discounts to current and retired federal employees. This discount is included because of their strong association with the military and the sacrifices made by those who work in the civil service.

4. Geico Military Member Discount:

This is a special discount for active duty and reserve military personnel who have been honorably discharged. It is a great way for them to get affordable and comprehensive car and home insurance coverage. It is not available to military contractors or their employees.

5. Multi-Vehicle Discount:

Geico offers a discount to military personnel who own more than one vehicle. The more cars you insure, the more you save. It is a great way for military families to get the protection they need and still have money left over for other expenses.

Benefits of Geico Military Discounts:

1. 24/7 Customer Support:

Geico provides 24/7 customer support to military members. This is important because it ensures that they have someone to talk to at any time of day or night in case of emergencies.

2. Flexible Payment Options:

Geico offers flexible payment options to military members. They can choose to pay their premiums on an annual, bi-annual, or monthly basis, which is so helpful for those who need to budget their money.

3. Comprehensive Coverage:

Geico provides a range of coverage options to military members. They can choose the right coverage for their needs, whether they want basic liability insurance or more comprehensive coverage plans. This comprehensive coverage is critical to ensuring that military families are protected from unexpected accidents.

4. Discounts:

Geico has some of the best discounts available for military members. They can save up to 15% on their insurance premiums, and this accumulated over time and can add up to substantial savings.


Geico provides some of the most affordable and comprehensive insurance coverage options available to military members. Their exclusive discounts and superior customer service have made them one of the most attractive insurance providers in the US for military personnel. Military families can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they have the best insurance coverage options available, and that their provider acknowledges their service to the country. Geico provides excellent insurance options to military personnel. Contact them today to learn more about the discounts available to you.

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