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Fleet tracking works closely with some of the industry’s biggest institutions to power our world-class platform and communication by tracking software.

Car Sales Software

Car Sales Software: The Best Way to Increase Your Car Inventory Sales in Australia

  Car sales software is a necessary part of any car dealership. It allows customers to contact, book, and manage car rentals, lease deals, and more. This software can be helpful for busy dealers who want to keep track of all their customers and make sure everyone is getting the best deals possible. Sales software […]

Delivery Driver Tracking Software

Delivery Driver Tracking Software – its uses, & benefits

Delivery Driver Tracking Software is tracking software that is mostly utilized for tracking vehicle, fleet, or driver locations. The driver tracking software employs geocoding technology and GPS tracking appliances to get and access the test-based and map-based data in real-time. It also helps in conveying the test-based data in map coordinates that can be visible […]

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Fleet Management Software And Its Main Functions

Today in this blog post, we will discuss what fleet management software is, what its functions are, and what things to consider before choosing the best fleet management software. Improving the efficiency of your fleet is possibly one of your most important objectives yet. If you however have not capitalized in a vehicle fleet management […]

gps tracking devices

Popular GPS Trackers for Cars of Efleet Care

As we all know that GPS or Global Positioning System technology is one of the most innovative creations of modern time. As the advancement is seen, mostly all the fleets existing around the world are utilizing GPS Tracking Devices to monitor the vehicles and get driving directions.  But despite its worldwide uses, many people are […]


Reduce Fleet Downtime And Increase Productivity

Reduce Fleet Downtime And Increase Productivity Whether it is due to vehicle collision or emergency breakdown, fleet downtime is quite inevitable if you have a fleet vehicle. Since most of your fleet vehicles are running round the clock, checking on them on a regular basis becomes mandatory. But sometimes when we rush and neglect some […]

Fleet Management


When a company depends upon a large number of vehicles or fleet for operation, then maintenance becomes important and tough at the same time. One small mistake and carelessness can lead to customer dissatisfaction which in turn can affect the overall profit. An unmanaged and uncontrolled fleet can run into anarchy and misconducts and frauds […]