Focus Me - the Ultimate distraction blocking software. Block websites and applications. Stop procrastinating.


10 years of development.


Our customers say it is the best software in its class, and we think they are right..

Focus Me is the only reason I ever get anything done. Highly recommended. - Robert Smith

Far and away the best productivity software I've used (out of 3-4 ish, and creating my own). I've had it for weeks/months and it always keeps me on task and cuts out hours of wasted time. Kudos! - Carlos Matias La Borde

Focus Me does exactly what the description says and I appreciate its power to block distractions.. if you need a good distraction blocker that uses time slices and has powerful controls, Focus Me is highly recommended. - Jim Skintauy

This little beauty will block practically anything you ask it to, even the windows task manager.. if other programs are too easy to get around without a full system reboot, this may be for you. - Reddit User

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Block Websites

Focus Me can block access to any distracting websites, or allow only specific websites (work related) and block the rest.

Blocking is instant - no restarting your browsers or clearing your cache needed like with our competition.

Focus Me supports all common browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and  Safari.




With the Focus Me Scheduler you can run a saved block profile at the times that you set. For example you might want to block facebook and youtube from 9am until 1pm. You can create any many scheduled focus/block sessions as you want and have these repeat daily or weekly.

Block Applications

Focus Me can block access to any software on your computer. You choose the applications either by the name of the application e.g. Skype or “Microsoft Outlook” or by the process name e.g. “outlook.exe”.

Strongest Blocking

Once you committed to a period of blocking, it won't matter if you restart your computer. There will be no way to bypass Focus Me until the timer is up.

Unlock Level

Emergencies happen. To unlock Focus Me, you will need to type in a random string of characters. Set this as long as you want depending on your self-discipline level. Or use forced mode which has no unlock.

Break Reminders and Forced Breaks

Taking breaks from your computer is important for your health. Focus Me can remind you to take these as times you choose. If you need it, Focus Me will completely block access to your computer to force you to take a break. Your brain will be rested and you'll be more productive when you return.


The History of Focus Me

Back in 2005 I had a job developing software working from home, and I found myself procrastinating big time! I was getting hardly any work done! I tried some other blocker tools but they all had very limited features and were incredibly easy to bypass - especially for a developer like myself. So I started developing Focus Me (then known as Distraction Blocker). Over 10 years of development have now gone into Focus Me. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.



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Forced Mode


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