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Automatically Block Time-Wasting Websites, Social Media and Games.

FocusMe Protects You When No One Is Around


With the Scheduler you can plan your focus sessions in advance. Plan your whole week ahead and see how much you get done!

Pomodoro Timer

Are you a Fan of the Pomodoro Technique? FocusMe has a Pomodoro Timer built in.

Break Reminders

Boost your Productivity!

Remind or Force yourself to take a break to stay productive.

Time Tracking

Want to know how much time you spend on Facebook or using Word? If you want, FocusMe tracks the time of all applications and websites.

Blocking Features

Block Websites and Applications

Need to get some work done?

Block access to time-wasting websites and desktop applications in seconds.

Say Good Bye to any distraction or online addition for as long as you want.

Wild Card Allow/Block Rules & White List

Want to use Google Docs or any other cloud bases service?

Sometimes it’s not the best to shut off the Internet completely.

Only allow the Websites you need for your work and block the rest.

Blocking is Instant - No Restarting

You don’t want to mess with technology.

No need to restart your browser or clearing your cache.

Set up the software in two minutes and focus on getting things done.

Impossible to Bypass

Be careful.

FocusMe is the most powerful blocking software in the world.

If you’re committed to a period of blocking (Forced Mode) it won’t matter if you restart your computer till the timer is up.

Nothing Comes Between You and Your Productivity

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Completely Customizable

You can customize the software any way you want according to your needs and build personal routines with ease.

Password Protection

Project your Kids.

You can choose a password to prevent anyone from changing settings.

Unlock Options Depending on Your Self-Discipline

Emergencies happen.

To unlock just type in a random string of characters depending on your willpower or unlock FocusMe for a limited time period.

Works with Microsoft Windows and all Browsers

Supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Use any browser you want: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and many more.

Don’t Play With Temptation

Set Up and Schedule Profiles

  • Create different blocking profiles.
  • Set up your morning routine, your working routine or allow yourself to use specific applications during breaks.
  • It’s completely up to you.
website blocker app web filter software protection
  • I purchased a year’s subscription close to a year ago and am extremely happy with my purchase. It has definitely helped me become more productive and has paid for itself many times over as a result. In fact, it’s rather amazing how much you can get done as you continue to block out more and more distractions.

    Tyler CruzInternet Entrepreneur
  • Focus Me does exactly what the description says and I appreciate its power to block distractions. If you need a good distraction blocker that uses time slices and has powerful controls, Focus Me is highly recommended.

    Jim SkintauyIT Consultant and Entrepreneur
  • Taking the decision out of my day and leaving it automated has been one of the best tricks that have helped my productivity. I’ve used 3 other distraction blocking programs out there and from the ones I’ve used, FocusMe is the best there is.

    Jonathan KimMedical Student
  • I'm now able to stay away from private email and distracting websites until I'm done with ALL my work for the day. By the end of the year, I had my business at a point where it made 15,000 dollars in a single week. I had never even seen that much money in one place before.

    Thomas A. Internet Marketer
  • My aunt, who is in her 80s, loves Focus Me. Seriously: She’s a poet, and uses it when she needs to get some writing done.

    Andy Rutten

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the FocusMe Software do exactly?

FocusMe was built to make the PC a safe and productive place to work.

Scientific research shows that we cannot rely on willpower alone. Therefore FocusMe is a productivity software that supports you to make a commitment in advance.

You can choose which websites and applications you want to allow or block for specific times. Or you can put a time limit on any URL or your favorite game or app.

Once you made that commitment you can choose if you want to be able to step back from it temporarily (by typing in a number of random characters) or if you will not allow any change at all in “Forced Mode” to stay productive.

Can I use FocusMe to prevent others form accessing certain websites or applications?

Yes of course. The main objective of FocusMe was to create a safe place to increase productivity and avoid distractions.

But a lot of our clients use the blocking software as a tool to prevent other people to access certain websites and applications.

Therefore the software settings can be protected by a password so only you can make changes to the schedules and blocking profiles.

What’s the difference between a Website & Application Blocker and a Web Filter?

FocusMe is not a web filter software.

We are a small software company and do not have a database with millions of porn websites, gambling websites or other harmful websites. That is beyond our current abilities.

Therefore you will have to choose which websites and applications are allowed or should be blocked.

However we are working on including default profiles and adding filtering options in the future.

What does that mean exactly?

Even if FocusMe is not a web filter you can easily create a safe place for you, your children or your employees by allowing only certain URLs and applications and block everything else.

No one (not even you) will be able to access any  website or a program that is not allowed during blocking times.

For example you can limit the time your children are playing Minecraft (And the specific time they are allowed to play).

Or if you are a business owner you can help your employees to become more productive and avoid distractions by allowing them to only use facebook and youtube  doing lunch break or not at all. Another option would be to only allow company related websites and software.

Does FocusMe work on a MAC?

No – FocusMe does not work on a MAC or iOS.

Our goal and expertise is building the most effective, robust and hardest to get around All-in-One Website and Application Blocker for Windows. Currently there are no plans to build a version for Mac.

Does FocusMe work on mobile devises?

Currently there is no mobile version of FocusMe. But some of our customers already requested it and we are considering building a version in the future.

Please click here and let us know if you are interested in a mobile version of FocusMe.

Where can I find a tutorial video for FocusMe?

Please see our YouTube channel:

Website Blocker and Application Blocker Software

FocusMe Really Keeps You Safe

Block Time-Wasting Websites, Social Media and Applications